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General terms and conditions

Schijvens Confectiefabriek Hilvarenbeek BV devotes the greatest possible care in the composition and maintenance of the information contained on our website. Naturally it is our intention to keep this information correct, up-to-date and comprehensive, although we cannot always guarantee that this is the case. Price and typesetting errors on the website do not compel us to deliver. Articles that are delivered may deviate slightly in colour or model with respect to the same product illustrated on our website.

We accept no responsibility for direct or indirect damages resulting from utilising the information given on our website. Since we do not exercise any influence on the content of websites to which we provide links or make reference, we do not accept any liability for damages arising from use being made of these websites.

Publishing or reproducing the contents of this website is not permitted unless prior written consent has been obtained from Schijvens Confectiefabriek Hilvarenbeek BV, or its suppliers. Our general sales and delivery terms and conditions apply to all transactions, a copy of which has been deposited with the Chamber of Commerce in Tilburg, the Netherlands, number 18035634.