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T'RIFFIC as a concept
This summer there is a flyer sent to hundreds of logistics companies indicating that Schijvens is "designing" a collection put together from the T'RIFFIC package with nice logos so it fits perfectly with the style of the customer. This means that customers benefit to the creativity of the stylists from Schijvens combined with the efficiency of a stock item.
Schijvens wins Corporate Fashion Awards 2012
Schijvens Confectiefabriek Hilvarenbeek BV, the producer behind the brand T'RIFFIC wins the Corporate Fashion Award 2012. The seventh edition of the Corporate Fashion Award is yet another sensational succes. The over 340 attendees enjoyed a spectacular dinner show in Ahoy which at the end of the evening Schijvens (a family business since 1863) received the coveted award for the new workwear collection of Karwei shops. The jury commended this collection: "All in 1: corporate identity, branding, image, visibility and simple design with a maximum effect, in short: less is more.".
Previously Schijvens won the Corporate Fashion Award with her collection for Strukton.

T'RIFFIC present on the Day of Logistics
Tilburg is one of the largest logistics areas in The Netherlands. T'RIFFIC has during the day presented with a fashion show in which several collections have been seen. The logistics group does extremely well with the collections of T'RIFFIC. Customers like Hema DC, DC Jumbo, Sligro logistics, GVT and P&M Express can confirm this.  
T'RIFFIC supports Roze Maandag (Pink Monday)  
During the 21th edition of Roze Maandag (Pink Monday) at the Tilburg Fun Fair T'RIFFIC has sponsored pink poloshirts from the Solid collection. These poloshirts are not in the normal range, but are specially dyed for Roze Maandag. It was a great spectacle with the most visitors (about 400.000) so far and of course beautiful weather and perfect polos!  
T'RIFFIC nominated for the Corporate Fashion Awards 2010
The trade mark of Schijvens - T'RIFFIC - is one of three nominated for the 'Best Brand Collections' category of Corporate Fashion Awards 2010. This award is made to producers who bring out a collection under their own brand name. Thursday 15 April 2010 is an exciting day for us, because that’s when the winner is announced.

Oekotex certificate
After a lot of preparation we have received our first Oekotex certificate. The Titan denim worker initially gained certification, and was followed soon afterwards by the rest of the T'RIFFIC collection. This certificate guarantees that our collection does not pose a health risk and it also warrants consumer safety.

Fair Wear Foundation
Good working conditions take priority in the manufacture of our clothing. Therefore we are affiliated to Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). This organisation promotes legal and decent working conditions in the clothing industry worldwide, and in particular in countries where clothing is manufactured for the Dutch market. Our participation in FWF demonstrates our commitment to fair trading with regard to clothing manufacture. We always observe the code of conduct and accept that compliance with this code is monitored by FWF.